Luxury Candles

  • Our wax is a unique blend of rapeseed, coconut and mineral wax. It is designed to carry a high tolerance of fragrance oil.

  • The majority of our candles hold a 10% fragrance ratio. Most candles on the market are made using 5-6%. 

  • We only use the highest quality fragrance oils, developed by parfumiers. 

  • Our cotton wicks are wire free. They are engineered to carry our high fragrance loads into the air.

  • In our larger candle, we offer the option of a beautiful wooden lid to keep your candle dust-free between burns. The lid can also be used as a candle coaster when the candle is being burnt.

  • All our gift boxes are made from recycled materials and are fully recyclable.

Fragrance Diffusers

  • The fragrance ratio in our luxury diffusers is a whopping 20%. Most diffusers are made with 10-15%. 

  • The diffuser base is non-toxic and eco-friendly. It is specially formulated to accentuate fragrance and ensure a low evaporation rate.

  • The design of our diffuser vessels includes a dimpled bottom. This ensures your reeds stay in position once arranged. 

  • Hamilton and Morris use fibre reeds in our diffusers. These absorb fragrance more efficiently than rattan and are less likely to clog. 

  • Each diffuser is supplied with 10 reeds. If you are using the diffuser in a small room, you may wish to use less.

  • Our diffusers are tightly corked to prevent seepage. Please twist the cork gently to remove and prevent spillage.

Wax Melts

  • The wax used in our melts is a specially blended mix of mineral and vegetable-derived waxes.

  • We use a 10% fragrance ratio in our wax melts too. Most wax melts on the market are made using only 6%. This ensures not only a stronger scent for your home but also makes the melt longer lasting.

Image by Matt Briney