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Welcome to Hamilton and Morris Candlemakers.


About Us

Family Owned  |  Scottish Made  |  Hand Poured

At Hamilton and Morris we cherish our Scottishness. From our rich cultural identity to our breath takingly beautiful land, we proudly emblazon everything that it is to be Scottish. 


We use our mother tongue Scottish Gaelic to gently sing the identities of our fragrance families in the range. 


From our family home in the ancient Kingdom of Fife, we take inspiration from the wild Scottish landscape to develop nature-inspired scents to relax and uplift you in equal measure.  

Our products are developed by hand from start to finish, using traditional methods. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, providing truly unique, luxurious artisan products for your enjoyment.

Gaelic Dark

Create a cosy, enveloping atmosphere with woody, smoky scents (Fiodh); and delectable autumnal fruits and baking smells (Bruich). Containing masculine overtones, these fragrances add a sense of comfort, calm, and warmth. 

Gaelic Light Sweet Pea scented luxury Scottish candle bathed in sunlight.
Cuban Tobacco and Oak scented Scottish hand-poured luxury candle lit and sitting on rustic industrial  shelf
Gaelic Light

Gaelic Light creates an energising, uplifting ambience for your home. Inspired by the beauty of the Scottish landscape, the character of these scents incorporate both fresh (Urar in Scottish Gaelic); and floral notes (Flor).  

Our Collections
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