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Hamilton and Morris products will fill your home and senses with joy. 

We offer you consistently high quality and premium performance in our handmade products.  

  • 10% of our wax is pure perfume essence, filling your home with beautiful fragrances that will linger even until the morning.

  • Our products are made entirely by hand from start to finish, using traditional methods. Revel in the beauty only a unique, artisan product can bring. 

  • All products are rigorously tested for a clean burn. Every ounce of wax is used, providing you with maximum burn time and great value for money. 

  • Our glass vessels are designed to enhance any space with timeless, androgynous elegance. Apothecary-style labels feature vintage industrial fonts giving them a unique, edgy design. 

  • Our products are vegan friendly and cruelty free. We do not use phthalates in our products. Our wax is a blend of mineral, rapeseed and coconut and all packaging uses recycled materials.



Our Collections Explained

Products are grouped into four fragrance collections reflecting the strongest notes : woody, floral, fresh and gourmet. Our collections are carefully curated, grouping similar fragrances, allowing customers to identify which fragrances are likely to appeal. And because we are a small Scottish business, our beautiful collections have simple Scottish Gaelic names: Fiodh (wood); Urar (fresh); Flor (flower); and Bruich (cook). 

FIODH/ pronounced fi-o-ch/

Scottish Gaelic (noun): wood.

Dark Honey and Tobacco. Fresh Oriental. A dark bed of woody tobacco is lifted by the smoky sweetness of honey and a peppering of citrus. A complex, heady fragrance of which you will never tire.

Fireside. Fougere. Earthy tones of moss and cedar lightened with the fresh green scent of eucalyptus. The freshest of our three woods.

Cuban Tobacco and Oak. Woody Aromatic. Screams masculinity without apology. Heavy musk forms the base on which a dappling of cognac and citrus sit. Light a cigar and retire to the smoking room.

Sandalwood and Black Tea. Woody Oriental. The creamy tone of sandalwood is lifted by notes of aromatic Assam tea and sweet patchouli. The lightest of our woody scents.


URAR/pronounced u:rer/
Scottish Gaelic (adjective): fresh.

Sea Spray and Driftwood. Fresh Aquatic. A walk on a wild Scottish beach. The sea, seaweed, sea salt and fresh air all mingle to bring you the ultimate coastal scent.

Lemongrass and Ginger. Fresh Citrus. Shopping at the spice market. The unmistakable citrus tanginess of lemongrass and lime is tempered by the warmth of ginger root and nutmeg.

Cedar and Jasmine. Fresh GreenA complex, sophisticated mix. The base notes of wood and moss are tickled by sumptuous jasmine and float into a citrus cloud.

Wild Mint and Cassis. Fresh Green. The fresh, sharp scent of wild mint is punctuated by juicy fruits and tempered by warm, woody undertones at its base.

BRUICH/ pronounced br-u-ch / Scottish Gaelic (verb): cook.

Gingerbread. Gourmet Vanilla. The mouth watering warmth of malt is folded gently with zingy ginger. A real home sweet home scent.

Plum and Rhubarb. Gourmet Fruit. A simple but beautiful fruity scent. The tanginess of rhubarb is countered by the sweetness of pear and black plum. 

Tomato Leaf. Gourmet AromaticStraight from the herb garden. An aromatic scent blending together the oils of gently crushed tomato leaf with oregano, basil and light citrus.

FLOR/ pronounced fLo:r/
Scottish Gaelic (noun): flower.

Velvet Peony and Oud. Floriental. The heady scent of peonies is made dark and mysterious by the presence of oud. A sensual oriental.

Damson Plum and Rose. Fruity Floral. Ripe plums and rich berries are tempered by the delicate aroma of rose and jasmine. Not quite floral, not quite fruity, this is a hybrid.

Maggie's Bluebells. Spring Floral. Fresh and delicate, this understated aroma brings joy and hope like the coming of Spring.

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