A word from the founder of Hamilton and Morris Candlemakers, Joan Robertson.

"What inspired Hamilton and Morris Candlemakers? So many things…

My beautiful, gentle mum. My first candle was lovingly created to remember her on her birthday. She always believed in me and my abilities, even when I did not. This is for her.

Scent. A candle is all about scent. It initially draws you and brings you joy when lit. Most candles are made with only 5-6% fragrance. Partly because the fragrance oil is the most expensive component of a candle. But also because it takes skill to master candles with higher scent loads.  The higher the scent load, the more difficult the candle is to develop. I wanted to develop candles that packed a punch. So all Hamilton and Morris candles start development at 10% scent load. 

Determination. The artisan skill of candle making is not an easy craft to master. It requires dedication and perseverance to succeed. Hamilton and Morris luxury candles took thousands of hours of experimenting and testing to perfect. 

Craftsmanship. All our products are hand-crafted. From wicking the vessel, to blending the wax, and packaging the final product. Our products deliver an outstanding performance to our customers that can't be obtained from mass produced candles.  

My family of three. Living with 15-year-old Alex provides honest, unfiltered feedback on products. Scott, my long suffering husband, has provided unquestioning support on this crazy candle-making journey. 

Family History. I am my family's historian. Shining a light on the lives of those who have gone before is a passion. Hamilton and Morris were my mum’s middle names. She bore these names in honour of my great grandparents, Margaret Hamilton and George Morris. George was killed in the First World War, leaving Margaret a widow with three young children. One of these children was my granny, Elizabeth. I can think of no better names to emblazon on my candles.

Home. My home is my sanctuary. After a busy day teaching six-year-olds, it is blissful to have a peaceful moment at home. Putting a candle on, watching the glow of the flame, and inhaling those beautiful scents provides the peace and tranquillity I need to feed my soul.

Fierce pride in being Scottish. I adopted our dying language on my products to emblazon our Scottish identity and help keep the language alive.