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Meet the woman behind Hamilton and Morris Candlemakers, Joan Robertson


"I've always been at my happiest when I'm being creative. As a small girl I would write stories, make cards and draw. I'd lose myself for hours in my imagination."


After graduating in business law, Joan worked as a retail manager for John Lewis where she met her husband Scott. In 2001, she moved on to banking for several years before finally becoming a primary teacher. "It's the hardest, most demanding job I've ever done but you feel that you are making a difference in some small way."


Joan identifies herself as a strong, independent woman who has worked hard to provide for her family. "I wouldn't identify myself as a traditional homemaker but I do love creating a beautiful home for my family. I love interior design and I get my homemaking skills from my mum. We didn't have a lot of money growing up but she still managed to create a lovely home for us."


Candle making came about by chance. In the first year of lockdown, Joan decided to learn candle making. "It was quite by chance and again linked to my mum. Having lost my mum to cancer, I liked to mark her birthday each year. I decided to make candles in mum's wedding teacups and burn them on her birthday. From there, I was hooked!" Joan spent months researching and developing her craft. In September 2020, Hamilton and Morris Candlemakers was born. "My life and soul is in the business. I do everything: from sourcing materials; designing labels and packaging; creating the website; to the pouring of the candles. I've made mistakes along the way but as I tell the kids- that's how we learn!"

Hamilton and Morris are dedicated to providing high quality candles at affordable prices. "I don't see the point in subtly scented candles to be honest. You are buying the candle because you love the scent. Surely you want that scent to fill your home so that you can enjoy it? Our sense of smell is such a powerful gift. It invokes precious memories both of places and people and can affect our mood- helping to relax us when we've had a hard day. That is the goal of my candles."

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