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Our range of candles for men combine rich fragrances inspired by the untamed beauty of Scotland's rugged landscapes. Elevate your space with scents that capture the essence of adventure and strength. The woody, smoky scents in our Fiodh range evoke warm firesides after windswept walks, with Cuban Tobacco & Oak, Dark Honey & Tobacco and Fireside firm favourites. Urar in our Gaelic Light range offers fresher options: with seasalt and cedar fragrances perfect for the seafaring adventurer or island hopper. Explore our candles below and find the perfect scent for every man.

  • How often should you change a wax melt?
    Wax melts should be changed every 4-5 days.
  • How do you remove a used wax melt?
    Light your tea light for a few minutes to soften the wax. Blow your tea light out. Then gently slip the block of wax out. Remove any residual wax with kitchen towel.
  • How many times can you remelt wax melts?
    This is a matter of taste and how subtle a scent with which you are happy. The more times that it is remelted, the less scent is left. We recommend changing your wax melts every 4 or 5 days.
  • Can you leave a wax melt on all day?
    As with any product using a naked flame, we would never recommend leaving a product unattended. A wax melt can be burnt all day but please check the instructions on your wax burner for recommended burning times.
  • Is my wax melt smoking?
    Sometimes it may look like your wax melt is ‘smoking.’ This is perfumed vapour being released into the air, not smoke.
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