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Fiodh 2: Fireside Scottish Candle Refill

Fiodh 2: Fireside Scottish Candle Refill

Fiodh 2: Fireside is a best-selling home fragrance that will uplift your spirits with its fresh and sharp citrus scent. Its spicy notes will remind you of a cozy fireside, making it perfect for a relaxing evening at home. The eucalyptus in this fragrance adds a refreshing touch, making it a great choice for any season. Enjoy the inviting aroma of Fiodh 2: Fireside in any room of your home.


Small Refill 120g

Medium Refill 220g

  • Disclaimer

    Hamilton and Morris Candlemakers do not take responsibility for reuse of candle glasses. Customers reuse glasses at their own risk. Please do not reuse glasses with cracks or chips or that have been dropped or knocked, even when there is no sign of damage. Reuse of these glasses could lead to them shattering or exploding.

PriceFrom £10.00
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